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Development Plan

James and Wells have been engaged to protect the design.
We have been granted a PCT patient No. PCT/NZ2019/050052.


  • 30 baby trials at Wellington Hospital 17th September - December 2020

  • Raise funding for IP, simple production tooling and marketing.

  • Marketing to NZ DHB

  • Filing national phase applicaitons in your countries of interest. 


  • Production tooling and automation.

  • Development of neighbouring markets.


  • Acquisition by multi-national pharmaceutical companies. 


311,104 babies born each year.

15,555 of those are premature.

311,104 splints are used.

United Kingdom

696,271 babies born each year. 

34,814 of those are premature.

696,271 splints are used. 

United States

3,978,497 babies born each year. 

198,925 of those are premature.

3,978,497 splints are used. 


5,110,000 babies born each year. 

255,500 of those are premature.

5,110,000 splints are used. 

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